East Whiteland Fire Department October Fitness Challenge Circuit

Monday, 20 October 2014

Part of the responsibility of being a firefighter is making sure you are physically ready for the job. Many departments are incorporating functional fitness into their training to help their responders stay ready to answer the next call.

To help prepare their firefighters, the East Whiteland Fire Department in Malvern, PA, designs special fitness challenge circuits that combines or mimics typical firefighter tasks performed at emergency scenes with an added emphasis on physical fitness. View their October Fitness Challenge Circuit here. The circuit can be adjusted to fit individual firefighters’ needs.

Learn more about the East Whileand Fire Department's fitness initiatives here. Find more health and fitness resources from the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program at www.healthy-firefighter.org. 


Find motivation and inspiration through these stories of first responders who have succeeded in becoming heart-healthy.

Smoking puts your health at risk and increases your chances of many preventable illnesses, including heart disease. Find resources to quit smoking today.

Pump up your fitness routine with these exercises you can do at the station.

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